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nthesecond said: Sleep paralysis

I don’t think so, from what i understand most cases of sleep paralysis people don’t feel at peace. My experience was pretty pleasant, i felt in control. I mean i was excited about the floating n shit lol. 

  -  22 January

I had this dream once (i could swear i wasn’t asleep), in fact it didn’t feel like a dream at all but at the same time it had to be a dream (i hope). I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep, and had this feeling come over me. It was a feeling of complete peace, very pleasant actually, but scary. I thought i was dying. At the same time experiencing this overwhelming sensation of peace and calm, i felt as if i was leaving my body, and i may have been, i don’t know. I was sort of hovering above my body, looking down at it. Drifting higher and higher into the air. I literally thought i was leaving my body, until i felt like there was chain attached to the part of me rising and the part of me laying in bed, the chain yanked and didn’t let me go higher. After this yank, the feeling of peace went away, i came back down to my body, and was in bed. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell that was. The problem I’m having is when you have a dream you usually forget details, this shit is still vivid in my mind, very hard to explain. Indeed it was an interesting night that night.